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Digital is already part of our everyday lives and is changing the way we do everything. Digital has already changed the world of work in fundamental ways and is set to change the landscape of the future job market even more radically with the digital sector growing twice as fast as the economy as a whole. It is clear that digital technology is a critical component of UK growth, both now and for the future.

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital services by 2 - 5 years with the workforce working remotely, remote learning and telehealth. A rise in ecommerce digital will continue to be critical to fuel economic and social recovery.

The UK, however, has a digital skills gap in the workplace with too few people having the necessary digital skills to fill vacant roles and access the best jobs in the digitised workplace. Many people also lack the basic digital skills which prevents them fully benefiting from services that are increasingly delivered digitally.

As a city, Wolverhampton is proactively supporting the rollout of futureproofed digital infrastructure, this connectivity offers the city huge opportunities around economic growth. It will support residents to access services and employment opportunities and deliver skills training to meet future skill requirements.

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