Digital Infrastructure

Most of Wolverhampton can currently get superfast and ultrafast speeds - check current connectivity in your area.

The rollout of full fibre broadband is underway across Wolverhampton which will ensure that future demands for faster internet speeds are met allowing for video on demand and the greater use of IOT devices. With faster broadband speeds, residents will be able to enjoy better internet for working from home, accessing and interacting with services, leisure, entertainment and ongoing improvements will soon revolutionise daily life through adoption of smart technologies.

Building Mobile Britain

To ensure residents get the benefit from Gigabit connections, this will involve an intense period of development on the network to pave the way for digital future. Residents affected will receive notice by post 7 days before. If you encounter any issues during the build, please contact CityFibre’s 24/7 helpline on 0800 083 6160.


#MeetTheChampions With Heather Clark, Wolverhampton City Council (
Find out more about Wolverhampton’s approach to prioritise digital connectivity and address digital exclusion from Heather Clark – Head of Digital Projects

The #MeetTheChampions video series showcases local council-supported digital strategies, proactively investing in enhancing connectivity to end digital poverty and create positive and tangible local impact.

Heather Clark for #MeetTheChampions - Wolverhampton City Council (
Read the report from Mobile UK - Building Mobile Britain: The case for Local Authority Digital Champions advocating the importance of Digital Champions to coordinate local authorities’ digital strategies and develop relationships with the industry to help in the deployment of mobile networks.

Information for residents and businesses

Residents interested in full fibre broadband can express an interest by speaking to providers including:

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