Information for schools

Devices for Remote Education

There are initiatives running both nationally and locally that provide devices such as laptops and tablets to schools. These include:

  • The Department for Education’s ‘Get Help with Technology during Coronavirus’ scheme which provides laptops to schools to loan to children who meet certain eligibility criteria
  • City of Wolverhampton Council’s Schools Device Lending scheme

Internet Access for Remote Education

The DfE’s internet access scheme

Some families will be able to receive support to get online through their mobile provider. The Department for Education is working with:

  • EE
  • Three
  • Sky Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • BT

to provide free increases to mobile data or BT Hotspot codes. Schools must apply on behalf of families. More details can be found here.

City of Wolverhampton Council’s Digital Inclusion Project

Through donated Ward Funding, City of Wolverhampton Council are providing WiFi devices, data SIMs and BT Hotspot codes to some schools across the city to support pupils in accessing remote learning.

Digital Literacy for Parents

Education Excellence and Wolverhampton Adult Education Service are developing a Digital Literacy course tailored to the needs of parents supporting their children to learn remotely. Further details will be published in the Education Bulletin.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Opportunities

Education Excellence continue to provide Remote Learning CPD for schools and settings in the Spring Term 2021 including a new package of training in partnership with Squirrel Learning launching in January. For more details please refer to the Education Bulletin received by your school or setting.