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Zebra Access is a Deaf-led charity dedicated to ensuring that all Deaf and Hard of Hearing people enjoy equal participation and access without communication barriers.

Zebra Access offer a range of services such as BSL/ Deaf Awareness Training and English and Maths tutorials as well as a range of well-being workshops and employment support. Zebra Access have also delivered technology workshops to help users get the most from their devices.

Zebra is part of the device lending scheme which lends Chromebooks and tablets to those who may not have devices at home.


Digisheds offer free training in Digital Marketing or to become a Software Development Engineer. Our 16-week skills bootcamp will prepare you with the technical and soft skills (CV writing, interview tips and prep) to help you become employable within your desired field.

Start Date: Our programme in Wolverhampton starts on the 7th of July 2022 - new programmes start every three months, so if you can't make this one, please sign up for the next one.

Program Length: 16 Weeks. The programme runs from 10am - 2pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and we expect you to make a positive commitment to attend across those three days every week.

Case Study:

At Mander Center community hub Deirdre and Ella hosted a workshop which was to help those who need an extra technical hand. As mentioned on our social media pages, Deirdre was able to help explain how to use technology better, with things like Zoom, Social Media, Apple Pay etc and this was followed by a drop in afternoon, where everyone was invited to come with whatever tech and problems they had and our lovely ladies did their best to sort out these issues.